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Hunting for the perfect stationery is one of my favourite pastimes. I can spend hours stroking papers, testing pens, admiring designs. If you’re the same then tailor-made letterpress stationery is just for you. I carefully design, hand-print and finish every detail so the result suits you, perfectly. Browse through some of the projects I've made and drop me a line if you ready to take the plunge!

28 Jan 2016

I’ve just sent off these newly printed wedding invitations. The hand lettering has been letterpressed in fuscia ink and the illustrations, by Katharine Cooke, of the couple’s story have been deeply letterpressed with a blind impression into cotton paper.

26 Jan 2016

I don’t normally work weekends or do rush orders but sometimes something comes along which is too exciting to say no to! Here’s a little pic of the invitations I printed for the Vogue and Manolo Blahnik event to open the new MB shop in London. The designs were already complete, I just had to find the best way to have them printed and then letterpress the invitation wording on the back and a turquoise border on the front. The result was really beautiful. I’m so delighted that two reputable and big businesses would choose to use a small, independent business like mine to do their invitations.

21 Jan 2016

I’ve just finished printing these letterpress business cards for Gather and Bloom, a floral design business. The design was done by Megan Riera and I printed the cards on 700gsm white frost colorplan stock using black ink.

19 Jun 2015

oh comely line up Oh Comely

Tomorrow is Oh Comely Magazine’s fifth birthday party and I have been designing their birthday present / keepsake to send home with the 100 people attending. I took some time poring over this beautiful magazine and came up with an idea based on their tag line “curious minds don’t think alike”. I decided to use some of my new ventures in watercolour to make 100 unique, hand painted cards to reflect how none of us are alike and have now letterpressed them with the tag line too. More pics to come of the day…

22 Jan 2015

Anna Wedding Invites

Here’s the wedding invites to follow the 1920s inspired Save The Date from December. The design has been letterpressed in gold and deep blue ink on Cranes’s Lettra 100% cotton paper. And the exciting part is that we are invited too!

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