15 May 2016

Pulse has finally arrived and all the work of the last year or so is finally coming together. My stand is all ready and I’m excited to show my new range of watercolour and letterpress stationery. The collection includes greetings cards, notebooks and gift wrap and features bold, colourful watercolour washes and patterns with letterpress lettering. All the designs have been designed by me and made in England on high quality papers using both traditional letterpress and modern digital printing techniques.

I’m also really excited to be launching “Little Prickle” a collection of stationery inspired by and for children, which has been created in collaboration with my cousin and illustrator, Katharine Cooke.

You can find me at stand D22 in Launchpad Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

For more information about the launch please download my press releases and catalogue below, check out my wholesale page , or drop me an email:

Prickle Press Press Release - Pulse 2016
Little Prickle Press Release - Pulse 2016
Prickle Press Wholesale Catalogue 201617

2 May 2016

I’ve been back from holidays for two weeks and they have flown by. I have worked every weekend, evening and childcare day I can to get on top of all of the admin, packaging and design work that needs to go into a trade show. I’m a little overwhelmed and worried I’ll forget something important but I’m also really excited to finally launch all of the designs I’ve been working on for so long. I finally feel like I have created a range of stationery I am really proud of, that I’ll be able to expand over the years, that really feels like ‘me’ and feels fresh, new and commercial. It’s really tough as a designer sometimes to work out how to make your work sellable, but I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and think it’s made the work even better. I’ve still got lots to do over the next two weeks but I’m sure it’ll all come together!

16 Apr 2016

I’m really excited to finally be launching a new collection of children’s stationery called Little Prickle this spring at Pulse London. Little Prickle is a collaboration between myself, designer and letterpress printer, and illustrator, Katharine Cooke. Kate and I are cousins. We spent our childhood summer holidays dreaming up projects together and letting our imaginations run free - see pic below. We both now enjoy juggling our respective creative careers and raising our young families. Since becoming mothers we have been inspired to pool our talents once again and create a stationery range for children that captures the spirit of fun and creativity we remember from their own childhoods. We both see immense potential in the Little Prickle collection and already have lots of ideas in development for how to expand the range to encompass a variety of products, age groups and events. Take a look at the designs here: Little Prickle.

30 Mar 2016

Just before I left for holidays I managed to get all of the samples for Pulse letterpressed and ready for a photoshoot with Holly Booth Photography. I am on holiday for two weeks and when I come back I just have a month to get everything together. I knew I wouldn’t have time to do the photography too so I asked Holly to do it for me while I was away. It’s been a great deadline to help me stick to - this way when I get back I can just focus on the stall presentation, catalogue and all the other necessary paperwork.

3 Mar 2016

My Pulse prep is coming along well! I’ve come up with two distinct card styles using my watercolour, hand lettering and letterpress techniques. Above is a pic of the pattern cards I’m developing which will be digitally reproduced and then have letterpress lettering added to them. They are fun and bright and exactly what I’ve been hoping to come out of all the experimentation I’ve been doing. More to come…!

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